Black Smoke


Black Smoke

Black smoke liquid vinyl for headlights.

Spray 400mL. 12,10€

Paint, protect, remove whenever you want.



Liquid vinyl can be applied to any non-porous surface, metal, plastic, glass, wood or porcelain, adopting the state of conventional vinyl once dry. Its advantage is that it is not permanent like paints but is easily removable. In the case of flimsy plastics, we recommend doing a preliminary test in a small area to avoid possible incompatibilities with the previous lacquers used in these types of plastics due to their solvent base.
When applied to any surface, EVUS® Liquid Vinyl will form a colored elastic film. It is important to apply enough coats until a thickness of
200 microns dry (5-6 layers).
In Neo colors, we recommend applying a white base to enhance the nuances of your pigments.
One of the advantages of EVUS® liquid vinyl is that the film can be easily removed when desired, without leaving residues and without great effort.
EVUS® vinyl paint in a 4L drum. it does not need to be mixed with any other product, and is applied directly undiluted with other chemicals. The product is ready to spray directly after the container is well shaken for a perfect mix.

Another of its advantages is that it protects the original paint from the painted object, vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, furniture, etc … Decorate everything you can imagine, EVUS® vinyl resists water, soap and external agents.

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