Cleanliness inside the car is extremely important and not only now with the times. In order for the vehicle to function properly and not suffer marked deterioration, and for us as drivers to travel comfortably and in a safe environment, it is necessary that both the interior and exterior of the car are clean.

In recent months, treatments for the disinfection of vehicles with biocides or chemicals such as ozone, or the use of ultraviolet light, have become increasingly important, reaching almost every corner of the passenger compartment and making us feel safer.

It is true that these procedures can successfully eliminate viruses and germs, but the Ministry of Health has wanted to warn that using this type of cleaning process, such as ozone, can be very harmful to health, especially if they are used in closed spaces such as the interior of the car.

In the car cleaning sector, there are three procedures that are being used the most these months: manual cleaning with biocidal products, fumigation of these products and ozone treatment, the latter does not appear on the official list of the Ministry of Health as an accredited virucidal, and there is still no legislation in this regard, since it is being evaluated by the European Union, and it is not known if its effectiveness is 100% real.

Ozone is a very toxic gas that can cause serious health consequences if it is not applied correctly with extreme care, in small concentrations it causes  irritation to eyes, nose and throat as well as headaches, but with a greater presence in the environment it can cause severe lung damage and even death.

After use in the vehicle, the passenger compartment must be aired and ventilated for a long time, since ozone can be absorbed by the upholstery and other areas of the car. When applying it, you also have to be very careful, be protected and get out of the vehicle while the ozone generator is running.

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